Who We Are

Qommunity is an integrated global social network, information resource, and marketplace in a free website (qommunity.org) and apps for iOS & Android. 

The MISSION of Qommunity: The Queer Social Network(TM) is to provide safe and supportive space for the LGBTQ community and our straight allies to explore and express who we are.

The VISION of Qommunity is to become the one-stop resource for the LGBTQ and straight ally community.

Gazing into our pink and purple crystal ball at the future, we envision Qommunity:


  • Sponsoring a 24-hour emotional support hotline with international reach.

  • Publishing a season each year of queer and queer-friendly writers and artists that appears alongside the other major publishing houses in all the key review sources and booklists.

  • Hosting physical centers in cities around the world that continue to support the Qommunity mission of providing safe and supportive space for people to explore and express who they are.

  • Collaborating with other causes to cosponsor awareness, outreach, and fundraising events that cross-boundaries and build respect for differences and appreciation for diversity.

What We Do
Qommunity is a free online community. 

It offers:
  • QOMMUNICATE: The Qommunity Blog (member-written)
  • Events Listings -  with a customized Events Calendar
  • Directories in 9 categories* - single rich-media, social-integrated pages dedicated to promoting a single offering
  • Videos - including video uploads and member channel creation
  • Albums - with a rich and interactive lightbox display
  • Pages - rich-media, social-integrated web-pages members can use like digital scrapbooks or for self-promotion
  • Groups - secure space to meet with like-minded folks; public & private group-creation available
  • Forums - open any topic for discussion among the membership and participate in those posted by others
  • QOMMUNITY QORNER MARQET - where members can set up shops to sell their wares and services
  • QONNECT CHAT - 1-on-1 and group audio/video chat, conferencing, and broadcasting with extensive team collaboration features
  • QREDITS - an activity points program that rewards engagement with credits that can be redeemed for digital (photo, audio, and video) gifts to send to friends
(*Non-profit Resources, Arts & Culture, LGBT-owned & LGBT-friendly Businesses, Fashion, Food, Real Estate, Sports, Travel, Weddings)

Non-members are free to view the Blog, Events & Directory Listings, and Shops.

Free membership allows users to create these and all other content items as well as to Like, Share, Comment on, Discuss, Geo-tag, Follow, and Join the content of others. Members also get a Profile and a Wall and can Friend and Message one another.

Who We Serve

Qommunity serves 2 main populations:

  1. LGBTQ - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and “queers” which is used here as an umbrella term to encompass asexuals, non-binaries and other MOGAI (Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex)

  2. "Straight Allies" - heterosexuals who support LGBTQ equality

  3. Businesses and organizations that serve or wish to serve these individuals. This includes those serving other, perhaps overlapping, populations that wish to support, align, associate, and partner more with the LGBTQ community.

If you're a unicorn in a herd of buffalo, or a buffalo in a herd of unicorns, or you're a buffalo in a herd of buffalo who just happens to really like the unicorns—then You Belong Here!