About Qommunity

How Qommunity Began



Qommunity began in our living room one evening in early September 2015 when both the concept--of a social network for the LGBTQ community--and the name for it came to us almost at once, almost like a bolt of lightning, and instantly we both had the same thought: “This must already exist.


Sage and Curry animated

But to our amazement, it didn't! We knew straightaway it was up to us to build it. We saw it as a gift from the universe to two guys in love who've been searching for a long time for a rewarding way to create something lasting and meaningful together.



But maybe that's starting too late in the story. Maybe Qommunity began when the Community with a “C” that we've spent years reconnecting with on other, more generic and ubiquitous, social networking sites starting dropping off from those sites, one by one, and then in clusters and en masse: disenchanted, disenfranchised, feeling more alone than they did before such things existed, if only from the awareness of the possibility. Qommunity aims to deliver that possibility back to those people.



Then again, maybe that's still not going back far enough. Maybe Qommunity began when the community for whom it exists started coming out—first to ourselves and then to the world around us: a world not always entirely welcoming or understanding. Maybe community with a "C" became Qommunity with a "Q" when each of us first realized we were different and didn't belong which prompted the question, "Where do we belong?"


And yet there's still even deeper we can plumb for Qommunity's origins, past our personal histories to the history we share. Maybe Qommunity truly had its genesis at Stonewall. And with the election of Harvey Milk. With Tom Hanks as a gay man dying of AIDS in a blockbuster Hollywood movie. With Giovanni's Room and Rubyfruit Jungle, with “Torch Song Trilogy” and “The Boys in the Band”. With Ellen and Rosie.


In any case, getting back to that bolt of lightning gift from the ethers, within a day we'd secured the domain name and started building the site, working our regular jobs during the day (as a Peer Counselor at the local hospital and an editorial assistant for a publishing company) and working til the wee hours on building Qommunity.


As we slowly started telling people about this pet project of ours, we received the same reaction from everyone almost without fail—the same reaction, in fact, that the two of us first had upon coming up with the concept: “You mean that doesn't already exist?”

And like that we had helpers. Supporters. Members. Contributors of content. And this is when Qommunity—more now than two gay guys' vision in the making—was born.


What is Qommunity?


Sage and Curry

Qommunity is two things in one: a social networking site and an information portal—all for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning, and emerging gender/sexual identity community. Queer-positive heterosexuals are also more than welcome.


As a social networking site, Qommunity holds safe space for its members to gather online and share what's meaningful to them, including but not limited to frank discussions and appropriate corresponding media on topics of gender and sexuality—for a “queer” site could not be such if it forbade those elements. Membership features include a personal Wall, Social Sharing, Instant Messaging, Chatrooms, Groups, User Forums, a Rewards Program for participation, and more. For this reason, Qommunity membership, while free, is open solely to people 18 years of age and older.


There is however a second component to Qommunity, and that part is open to the public without sign-up. This part is an information portal, which you could also think of as a resource directory with links. In it we offer an Events calendar, an online magazine called Qommunicate Zine, the Qommunity Store, and our Resource Pages of hundreds of services and organizations—national, online, and by state—of relevance to our Qommunity.


Please note that while the public component of Qommunity is open to all ages, it is recommended only for ages 13 and up without adult supervision.


Currently Qommunity covers the United States and is available both in English and Spanish. As we're able and our Qommunity grows we'll start expanding our coverage, first to the other U.S. territories (Puerto Rica, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Isles), then to our neighboring countries and the other English and Spanish speaking nations of the world (Canada, Mexico, U.K., South America, Spain, Australia), and third to the rest of the European countries. From there we'll have to see where the need for representation on the site feels most pressing next. Hopefully you'll have a part in that decision.


Thank you for visiting our Qommunity and if you haven't already, we hope you will join us. We look forward to building and creating community here together. 


Yours in Qommunity,


Sage and Curry Kalmus



About Sage and Curry


Sage and Curry getting married at the altar

Sage and Curry Kalmus first met in San Francisco in 1995 at a mutual friend's house. Before long they were housemates in an apartment full of other young gay men on the Lower Haight above a bar and nightclub. With their housemates and friends they attended wild parties an older gay couple hosted in the Mission. They hopped between dance clubs in the Castro and SOMA. They attended Radical Faerie gatherings. Marched in Pride and AIDS awareness parades. And eventually they went their separate ways.


Five years later Sage and Curry met again on the east coast and have been inseparable ever since. They made the perilous transition from friends to more-than-friends on a chilly Winter Solstice 2005 and exactly one year later they were married. 


The two have lived in Maine, Hawaii, and now Massachusetts together, each time expanding their community of fellow queer and queer-positive allies, in particular through the tireless efforts of Curry, the couple's Social Director. Throughout most of that time Sage worked at home--wherever home was at the moment--for most of that time Sage worked online as a freelance content writer for web marketers, eventually learning the skills his employers were using to become successful: web building, content management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and so on.


Always the two have lived what may be called a “creative lifestyle”, always joined at the hip, and always dreaming of finding a vocation—a business—they could create together, so they didn't have to part just to earn a living. But they knew it had to be more than just a practical solution; it had to be something they believed in with their whole beings, or else it would never sustain their passion. And so they waited, with open eyes, ears, minds, and hearts. Waiting for the spark of inspiration. The spark that ultimately caught and flourished into Qommunity.